Belaggio – First S Class Test in Ankum, Germany


On 7/11/19, Andrea presented Belaggio in his first S Level test reserved for 7-9 years old horses. They presented a beautiful and harmonious test, which was awarded 68,056%. Amidst a very strong group of 15 competitors, including Helen Langehanenberg showing Vayron, Isabel Freese presenting Bourani and Fabienne Muller-Lutkemeier with Delavega; they finished in 8th place. The test was won by Luisa Luttgen and Damon’s Dream.
Their performance was energetic, with great self carriage and lots of fluidity and regularity. Belaggio keeps gaining in strength and developing self confidence at this challenging level.
This first S level test is so promising for Belaggio’s move from the young horse classes to Small Tour Level. We are so proud of the fantastic results of this amazing duo!

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