Belgium Championship for Young Horses


On August 13 to 15, the Belgium Championship for Young Horses was held in Courrière.

As Andrea was still recovering from her broken arm, EMC2 Horses presented only two horses.

In the 4 Years old category, Dream Date finished in 8th position in the first qualification with 78,6% out of a group of 23 high quality horses that were beautifully presented, and proceeded to the Small Final where he became second with 79,4%. In the Final, which was open to the ten best horses, Dream Date produced a very safe and harmonious test and achieved the score of 77,6%. He was praised for his regularity, balance and stability in his three gates, good amplitude and engagement in the walk, very good transitions and overall superior quality and great attitude. He ended up in the 7th position in the Belgian Championship for 4 Years old Horses.

In the 5 Years old category, Da Vinci produced a very regular and energetic test and achieved particular good points in the canter and walk. In the first qualification, Da Vinci obtained 70,2% and in the small final 72,2%. Unfortunately he was not qualified for the Final, as the starting group was composed of a strong field of 24 horses and only ten were selected for the Final. The judges appreciated the elegance and conformity of Da Vinci.

We are happy with the wonderful results of the “Black Boys” and will continue their training as well as that of the horses that remained at home…

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