Black Boys: First Place in Baudour


On 23/08/20, Dream Date won the Preliminary Test for 5 Years Old with 81,8% and Da Vinci the Preliminary Test for 6 Years Old with 71,8%.

Dream Date was praised for his suppleness, expressivity, cadence and amplitude. Special comments were made about his outstanding character and concentration on the rider – our test was at the same test as the Freestyles on the rectangle just a couple of meters away – the music was blasting away! Not surprinsingly, Dream Date was awarded 8,5 for submission and 8,3 for General Impression.

Da Vinci came a bit behind the aides in the rectangle so we could not produce the test we were hoping to show. The exercises were well executed, but lacked the energy Da Vinci can demonstrate. We will continue to train, and hopefully next time will be able to show all the talent of this youngster.

Great day that also happens to be an important milestone birthday of Pietro. Happy birthday to the best groom and assistant in the equestrian world!

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