Bollinger at the Bundeschampionate


Following his excellent results of the season, Bollinger was selected to participate in the Bundeschampionate for 4 Years Old Stallions which was held in Warendorf in the first weekend of September.

Unfortunately Bollinger was very impressed and distracted by his surroundings in the paddock, and Andrea had to work hard at keeping him focused. Once in the test field, Bollinger had used up too much energy and presented himself not in his usual manner. He was tired, became a bit heavy on the hand and was not displaying his full potential and talent.

Bollinger and Andrea were rewarded with an 8,0 and a tenth place.

Disappointing as we know Bollinger could perform so much better; but performances and results are never guaranteed. A great experience that will help the pair continue their wonderful progress. On to the next competition!

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