Double Victory for the “Black Boys”, Second Place for Harriet Houdini, in Mont-Le-Soie


On September 1, 2019 we traveled before dawn to Mont Le Soie, near the German border.

Dream Date won the FEI Preliminary Test for 4 Years Old horses with 81%; earning an 8 for his three gates and submission, and a 8,5 for his perspective. Olivier Smeets, the very experienced judge praised his regularity, activity, balance and rectitude in the three gates; his stability throughout the test and reactivity to the rider’s aides, and appreciated the good quality of his training. He asked at the end of the test: “are you sure he is a 4 year old horse?”. So promising and exciting! It was truly the best test we have shown to date, and still room for much improvement. Dream Date is a very willing and serious horse, a pure delight to train and ride. Truly in love of this one!

Da Vinci won the FEI Preliminary Test for 5 Years Old horses with 74,8%; earning an 7,4 for his trot and canter, 7,5 for his walk, 7,4 for submission and 7,7 for his perspective. Olivier Smeets, judged the test as well, and complimented the regularity, energy and balance of his gates, and clear rhythm and good activity of the walk. This was also the best test shown by Da Vinci to date with a significant improvement in the medium trot and much more balanced transitions. Such a pleasure to ride this fun and dynamic horse, who shows much potential and talent. Also in love with this one!

Ophélie Vanderroost rode Harriet Houdini for the first time in competition. They showed the Level 3 Test on a 60*20 arena, and produced a near faultless test, earning a 63,16% and a well deserved second place. The trot work was very cadenced and expressive, both the medium trot and the medium canter were brilliantly executed with much forwardness and excellent transitions, both halts were perfectly square and in balance and the figures were precisely executed. Ophélie and Harriet have only been working together for a few weeks, and with more training and practice, improvements will continue to come. So much fun to see their progress and witness their growing complicity. Very auspicious for the future!