Expression arrives Second in Ankum with 8,2 in Dr. Kl. A


On October 23, 2019, Andrea presented Expression (by Ehrenstolz x Basic) in Ankum, Germany. They achieved the score of 8,2 (8,5 in trot, canter, submission and perspective) and obtained the second place right behind Therese Nilshagen with the Lodbergen stallion La Vie.

Expression displayed his elastic gates, excellent balance and a very steady connection through Andrea’s hand. He moves like a metronome in the trot, and maintains a clear three beat rhythm in the canter. This 4 year old gelding has excellent lift through the hindlegs, all three paces show exceptional quality but the canter is truly outstanding. Furthermore, Expression demonstrates an amazing temperament, staying focused and concentrated and always willing to give his best to his rider.

Andrea did a fantastic training on this youngster and the duo demonstrated their continued progress through this superb result. Expression will have a well deserved break and thereafter Andrea will pick up the training to prepare for next season. Looking forward to a great future for this fabulous pair!

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Ankum, Germany - 23/10/2019 - Expression, Dressurprufung A - 8,2 - 2nd Place