First competition of the 2021 Season for Belaggio: First Place!


Belaggio and Elisabeth win their first competition of the 2021 season.

On May 2nd, after being a new partnership for less than a month, they presented the 4.3 Test in Pottes, and won the class with 66,82%. A miscomprehension in the last line resulted in two non executed movements which ended up with two scores of 0. Despite the misunderstanding, the scores enabled them to win the class, with no less than 6 times an 8 being given by each of the two judges in the overall scoring. Without this issue, the overall result would have been above 70%…. A few minor improvements and increased precision can be made to get this result even higher!

What a wonderful start to the season for this new combination.

Truly looking forward to show what this new pair can demonstrate in the arena!

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