Quinto and Nick: 12th in the Small Final FEI World Dressage Championships


Quinto represented Belgium under the saddle of Nick Van Laer during the FEI World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses in Ermelo, The Netherlands 3-6 August 2017.

Competitors coming from 24 countries as far as the USA, Australia, the Russian Federation, Slovakia and Iran participated in the event after a very strict selection process imposed by their national Federation and the International Equestrian Federation. In the three age groups (5, 6 and 7 years old horses), a total of 121 horses and 95 riders were present.

Quinto and Nick produced a wonderful test in the Small Final for 6 Years Old and finished in prize, in 12th position. The judges rewarded them with 7,8 for the trot, 8,3 for the walk, 8 for the canter, 7,8 for submission and a 8,0 for perspective; for a total mark of 7,98. The trot was considered very regular in the rhythm with a good activity, the canter balanced and the walk the highlight of the test being very active, ground covering and forward. The officials mentioned that he is trained in the right direction, has three good gates and a very good perspective for the future as a competitive dressage horse.

It was an exciting event, the type of competition made of dreams: dream horses, dream riders, dream trainers, dream officials, dream grounds, dream organisation… Just exceptional and unique. One learns so much from participating in such a World Class event, and builds up the energy, motivation and inspiration to continue growing with our horses.

Many people have contributed to this weekend’s achievements, including and not limited to: Matteo for finding Quinto and supporting this journey for the last years, Andrea for the initial training of Quinto, Marc for supervising the physical wellbeing of Quinto, Lilly for the great daily care of Quinto (and Nick), and Nick for training Quinto since the beginning of the year and bringing us all to Ermelo!

I can only conclude by expressing all of my warmest gratitude and appreciation to the entire Dream Team that made my dream come true!

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