Two times second and one “victory” – Back to competitions in Belgium!


First official competition of the 2020 Season in Belgium:

* Dream Date (Danciano x Furstenball x Sandro Hit) and Elisabeth presented the 5 years old test for the first time and were rewarded with a 74,6 and a second place. The judges praised the regularity of the cadence, the balance of the transitions, the stability of the contact and the harmony of the test.

* Da Vinci (Dante Weltino x Donnerhall x Grundstein II) and Elisabeth showed the 6 years old class for the first time and obtained a 69,8%. They won the test, but they were the only combination participating in this category… With more outings, the pair will become more confirmed at this level and improve their score.

* Harriet Houdini (Briar) and Ophélie produced a very nice and flowing fourth level test and were placed 2nd in the M 4.3 test with 65,26%.

Great to be back in the arena!

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