Winter Training Competition – 71,06%, 78,2% & 79,2%


On January 26, Elisabeth presented Da Vinci and Di Magic and Ophélie showed Harriet Houdini.

For the two youngsters, it was the first outing since early October and a nearly two months break.
Da Vinci produced a very steady 5 years old test and obtained 78,2%; and Di Magic executed a safe test and earned 79,2% in the 6 years old test. Da Vinci was described as a horse for the future with three very good gates; and Di Magic as a very stable horse with great cadence and a very positive career ahead. It was one of the first tests for Elisabeth and Di Magic together, but they seemed to have found each very fast. Both horses will now focus on training the next level and prepare all of the figures for the 2020 season.

Harriet Houdini showed and won her second 4th level with Ophélie, and together they achieved the stellar result of 71,06%. With mostly 7’s, and even an 8 (extended canter), this pair will certainly continue on their wonderful trajectory and are promised to a brilliant future.

Thank you to Andrea for the excellent training of Di Magic, to Claudia for the faithful support and encouragement and to Pietro for the trustworthy patience and exceptional grooming and care of the horses (and making sure the riders stay focused!). It’s a team effort and result!!

26/1/20 - 79,2%
26/1/20 - 78,2%