EMC2 Horses is very excited to extend it’s partnership with photographer Paolo Biroldi.

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For over twenty five years, Paolo Biroldi has been active as a freelance photographer and writer covering horse competitions, events and exhibits all over the world for specialized publications.
Over twenty years ago, Paolo and Matteo started collaborating on articles for “Cavallo Magazine”; the two bonded instantly and a true friendship developed that remained strong over time.  It was a great pleasure for Matteo to strike a pose and ride some horses for Paolo once again, after a few years of not crossing paths with his trusted photographer.
Paolo has the sensitivity and vision to take the perfect picture at the right moment, displaying what the eye can see and the heart can feel.  He is a true lover of nature, horses and Life; a special soul that retains an inquisitive spirit, remains open to discover and appreciate new experiences, and has fascinating and captivating stories to share with his friends.

It’s a great pleasure for EMC2 Horses to continue a partnership born so many years ago around a common respect and passion of horses and life.


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